In Orlando. I wanna go to Disney.

Rainy day = Nostalgia Overdrive.

Got stuck in the snow yesterday. Almost 11 inches deep! 4 wheel drive wasn’t much help. Got out to look at the tires and busted my ass so hard. And prior to all this I spilled like half a gallon of gas on my jeans. I should have stayed in bed yesterday. Today went much smoother though :)

I love Ben Folds.


Just answered a bunch of questions over at Sorry I have been MIA on there. I’ll do better! :)

Keep em coming…

A self-evident truth

If your “mytwitbook” profile bio reads: “I’m a sweet down to earth girl, but if you cross me I can be a real bitch.” chances are you were a “B word” to begin with. I could be mistaken, but prefacing a relationship with a warning that you might mutate into the incredible Hulk seems to be a sign.

tug o’ war!

New Last Nov record comes out tomorrow! Hmmm or at midnight tonight I should say! Wanna celebrate with me? :)


I dreamt I went with Conan to a club gig last night. It was packed. He was doing standup. It was a venue we’ve played before. And apparently I had drawn a big sign on a piece of carboard for him because he held it up But I think the sign said something about a sports team. It was so strange.

Bottle of wine and a box of cell phones.

Bottle of wine and a box of cell phones.

Eating pizza with my 5 foot arms

Eating pizza with my 5 foot arms